Alpha-numeric display will show the following carrier options: If desired option is passed, continue pressing SW1 to recycle display. When last value in sequence is entered, PC should display option of writing values entered to this point into configuration file, or entering displayed default values. Make sure all plug-in chips are fully inserted with pins properly oriented. For example, dark LEDs may suggest a problem with the backplane motherboard. When valid Master port baud rate is entered, PC should display next parameter. The board only contains components for converting DC code line voltages to levels compatible with the Enhanced Controller, and vice-versa.

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If field configuration default values stored in Application software are to be used in place of switch settings, continue with step IF S2 stop bits are to be entered or changed, continue with step NOTE The troubleshooting procedures given in this section focus on possible problems with the Enhanced Controller board. If baud rate on Master port is to be entered or changed, continue with step When desired control delivery time is selected, press SW2 to enter time.

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Also confirm that all contact pins are present and properly connected to their respective wires. This function allows loads or does not load field configuration default parameters stored in the Application software.


Press SW1 as required to bring up SF on alpha-numeric display. The power supply circuitry on the and boards is electrically independent from the code line interface circuitry where present and only provides regulated voltages for the Enhanced Controller PCB. Goes dark when a good message is received. Program bits and address bits. PC should show example: Microprocessor watchdog circuit Protoco.

Field repairs to the Enhanced Controller board are limited to replacement of these plug-in chips: The Deliver pulse sets off a 0. Press toggle switch SW1 as required to bring up A1 on alpha-numeric display.

PC should show the DOS prompt. If S2 Master port carrier option is to be entered or changed, continue with step Make certain all wires are properly inserted in the plug.

Refer to service manual SMA, Genisys Series Application Logic Programming, for application logic programming, debugging and loading procedures. No field repairs on the Enhanced Controller should be attempted beyond those described in this section.

Reference Figure for LED displays. Display should show Last from Executive program standard default values where Application program values user or default are not specified. Insert contacts Item 7 in proper position in block, referring to the applicable wiring diagram.


GENISYS SERIES 2000 – Ansaldo STS | Product Support

Check for shorts individual signal wires to all other signal wires. Examine circuit traces on both sides for breaks or unintended cross connections, and check for broken leads on components such as resistors and diodes.

This address is all zeros. Same displays as Slave key-on delay apply to Master key-on delay. When PC screen clears, enter required phone number.

Alpha-numeric display should go dark. Figure Data outputs from the Enhanced Controller PCB via 8-bit cardfile bus are locked in four 8-bit storage buffers, each in sequence.

The first three groups of eight inputs requires the same common voltage on all inputs, while different commons may be applied to each of the last group of eight inputs Ref. Settings are as follows: After PC port baud rate is entered, display should return to SB.

Both sets of opto-isolators electrically isolate input and output lines from internal circuits to prevent transient voltage damage.

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