I have added Netkas 9. There is an install script that crashes on AMD machines causing this, but to keep everything perfect on intel I chose to leave the script intact. Type the following to create an administrator account manually with name root. Later on, you can play around with dual-booting — that in itself is quite an art, which does take time to learn. Now you should be at the Darwin boot loader. This video was produced months and months ago. I still recommend running repair permissions from Leopard once your all loaded up to fix some errors, but none of these will stop the system from booting.

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Thanks for your step by step installation video! I did not see if you could work with final cut pro without problems on this hackintosh??

Hi Backpackr This is my first time comment on your website.

Some enterprising individuals have spent time to craft installers that try to cater for as many hardware types as possible, vodeo the result is differing installation discs. Sign in with Twitter.

Hackintosh 101: Part 2 – Installing the Mac OS

Sorry, no experience with the eVGA motherboards. You will notice it is checked and greyed out by default. By SambaranApril 1, in OSx86 If you have a Marvell IDE drive please install this as they should be supported. We always can use some compliments!


You could try it, leo4alo it is more time consuming, and could potentially break a stable running machine.

Improved Nvidia graphics support with updated kexts. In other videos, after blinking, some more instructions are displayed, but not on mine. Do you think it can work with a laptop Sony Vaio i5 or i7?? I’m an entrepreneur and a Communications Consultant for a large church at the same time.

Known to work for some Nforce3 users. This site uses cookies. These are the most common issues so I have just automated them. This is the modified version by -Dune- to support more than 2 drives and fix the over 2Gigs of RAM panics.

Welcome to the Official Leo4All Wiki – Leo4all

After Installation finsihed then it restarts. So I booted with -s and fired up. Later on, you can play around with dual-booting — that in itself is quite an art, which does take time to learn. I found how to change the resolution but my monitor frequency seems to be to low.

Hackintosh Part 2 – Installing the Mac OS – |

Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of leo4aall page. In the mean time I will go ahead and see if I can find the exact same parts as you have listed on your video. Any help would be appreciative prior to starting.


Make sure it is primary and not NTFS. The most sensitive are the video card and motherboard together with all the on-board functions like wifi, ethernet, etc…. Hi TheBackpackr, I very interesting see ur video about Hackintosh. Already have an account? Confirmed working for SiS! Its basically the Sony vaio pcv-rs with an asus motherboard.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Anyway thanx for the help. I would prefer to dual boot with easybcd maybe put os x on second hard drive so I dont screw up my current computer.

For those that have issues with FireWire, or those that just want to speed their boot time a little.

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