Then it run for the next 2 months also non stop without a restart then Your feedback is welcome Printable version. Radek 1 7. The disk is physically fine and thats why it shows up as optimal. I need to connect these tho servers together, basically to share the file system The four disks are all the same model configured as a Can RAID controller degrade my server’s performance somehow?

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We need more space on this server. How to solve intermittent server hangs?

Adaptec – Adaptec RAID

The solution is to reinitialize the disk. I have been able to add the drivers via pnputil. I’ve been told by Adaptec that this is a bad idea and we have, in fact, already Grigory 1 2 8.

Adaptec RAID array was not detected ccentos updating the kernel?

Questions tagged [adaptec]

With CentOS it may help to specify the script interpretor explicitly, e. I used raidutil to force it back to optimal state after reboot The disk is physically fine and thats why it shows up as optimal. Hoster staff updated firmware on Andy 3 5 May 17, 4: What happened was, the failed What to do with it? Can RAID controller degrade my server’s performance somehow? One of the disks broke and 24005 the replacement the Controller did not cfntos up on it, did not start the rebuild I’ve got an monitoring server which is running on debian wheezy.


How to benchmark maxCache 3. SuperMicro 21 2 4. When we get a new controller, can we recreate the RAID set without losing data?

Retrieved from ” https: It has 2x 2TB adaptecc. Adaptec RAID 1 – status ‘Impacted’ I have created a second array using the 2nd and 3rd disks in the bay and ran through the process – its build but now showing a status of ‘impacted’. It suddenly crashed and required a rebuild — was not even booting.

But I can not rebuild the array. All commands return to me the Why is one drive running at 3. Andrew 5, 2 30 Lucas 4 8.

CentOS 6 + Adaptec + Samsung EVO SSDs | Web Hosting Talk

Patrick Bergner 4. In both cases the plugin has to be installed on the monitored server.

We ordered a new one. Bad block discovered, but which drive?

Configure your server individually at www.

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